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I hope that by the grace of Mahant Swami Maharaj and Bhagwan Swaminarayan, I will be able to stay in Akshardham forever, when that time comes, with them and the many souls who already realized God with a similar understanding.

Current Faults

I am so personally happy throughout this entire journey. I did not find fault in God or negatively question why God gave me this stroke.

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In many ways this stroke was a blessing to bring me closer to my wife, kids, and parents in a very positive way, to help remove any remaining faults that would separate me from living eternally in Akshardham. Swamini Vato is a compilation of sermons given by the God-realized Saint when he was present on earth.

Then any that are left will finally be resolved through inspiring illness. My stroke was inspired by the God-realized Saint to help remove all my remaining faults so when I get a chance to reach Akshardham, I can stay there forever and not have to return to the cycles of birth and death.

Anderson's theory of fault (Anderson classification of fault)

I hope by living it out and sharing it with you that one day you can eternally stay in Akshardham heaven with the form of God that you believe in and worship. The Hindu scripture Vedas says that God is one, and the wise call him by many names.

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There is no enmity for the form of God you believe in. The enmity is with the attachment to worldly desires that separate you from spending eternity with the form of God that you believe in. From a Faith Perspective is a weekly column written by members of Lower Bucks faith communities. And of these channels of learning Timaeus has chosen the pleasanter and the worse; for he entirely retrained from looking at things with his own eyes, and devoted himself to learning by hearsay. But even the ear may be instructed in two ways, reading and answers to personal inquiries: and in the latter of these he was very indolent, as I have already shown.

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The reason of his preference for the other it is easy to divine. Study of documents involves no danger or fatigue, if one only takes care to lodge in a city rich in such records, or to have a library in one's neighbourhood. You may then investigate any question while reclining on your couch, and compare the mistakes of former historians without any fatigue to yourself.

But personal investigation demands great exertion and expense; though it is exceedingly advantageous, and in fact is the very corner-stone of history. This is evident from the writers of history themselves. Ephorus says, "if writers could only be present at the actual transactions, it would be far the best of all modes of learning.