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Christian institutions should speak the same language as the church. Like Jesus, we need the anointment with the Holy Spirit; otherwise our ministry will be limited to just human power and human efforts. What did Jesus do for the poor? He healed the lepers, so they could return to their work. He condemned the rich who exploited the poor, especially the orphans and the widows. On the other hand, we see that he praised the action of a poor widow who placed all that she had in the offering plate.

Misunderstanding the Mission of the Messiah – Luke 12:49-53

He did not prevent her from giving, nor does the Bible mention that he gave her any funds, now that she was without money. I know several people with significant economic needs, yet they are rich in faith and progressing economically. They do not feel abandoned by God, but rather they feel very loved. From my point of view, a person who follows Jesus and trusts him is not poor. He or she may lack material things, as did both Jesus and Paul. The promise is that God will provide for their needs.

Do we know and preach contentment? So, what prisoners did he free? Even today there are many people who are prisoners of the devil and his demons. In our country there are many who have turned to spiritism, witchcraft, and mind-reading and are bound in some way by evil spirits. Do we teach the students at our Christian institutions how these people can be set free from their captivity? The Jews thought they were free, but Jesus saw that they were totally enslaved to sin. Today, many think they are free, but we realize that they are imprisoned by such things as addiction, hate, violence, hypocrisy, envy, greed, and many other sins.

Hard to Find a Trusted Steward

Prisoners of wealth Wealth prevented the rich young ruler from following Jesus, and money continues to be a great obstacle, hindering many people from faithfully following the Lord. Our mission is not only directed toward the poor, but also toward the rich. They need to be freed from the love of money. Today, many believe they can secure their salvation by observing religious traditions. Believing themselves to be free, they are slaves of tradition. The first Christian church cried out to God for miracles and healing, and God answered.

How many of us cry out to God for healing? God is the same God, yesterday, today, and forever.

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Sometimes he heals instantly, sometimes it is a process, sometimes he uses medicine, sometimes he only removes the pain; but we can cry out to him and trust in him. Socially oppressed Jesus had compassion on the outcasts lepers, for example. Do we have a mission to reach the outcasts of society? Oppressed by sin and a destructive lifestyle Jesus restored the life of the Samaritan woman.

Oppressed by difficult life experiences Many live oppressed by pain and hurts of the past—childhood abuse, marital infidelity, and financial injury. Do we give hope and encouragement to their wounded and broken hearts? Jesus, peace be on him, was not sent as a Universal Guide. It can therefore be applied to the lost tribes metaphorically, but literally as well. For centuries, they had been away from the Holy Land. Jesus even foretold that he would go in search of those who were lost from the Israelites and would find them.

As, according to his aforesaid statement he was sent to the Israelites only, these other sheep, not belonging to the Palestinian Jews therefore were from the lost ten tribes dispersed in other countries. To believe, therefore, that Jesus did not go to another country where he was honored, is tantamount to believing that he passed away without honor. His saying, that his case, in view of the plot of his enemies to destroy him, would be similar to the case of the prophet Jonah, also reveals that as Jonah was honored by his people after he had been in the belly of the whale, likewise Jesus would be honored by the lost sheep of the House of Israel after he had been in the heart of the earth, i.

And so it happened. He went to other countries where the lost sheep lived and was hallowed by them. Jesus also mentioned a parable which hinted at the same.

Jesus Describes His Messianic Mission As Being One Of Pure Mercy

If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them has gone astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine on the mountain, and go in search of the one that went astray?. If it is true what this parable contains, if it is true that Jesus was a good shepherd, if it is true that the ten tribes of Israel were lost and were scattered abroad by foreign powers as divine punishment for their turning away from the right path, and if it is true that he was sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel, then it was, undoubtedly, his foremost duty to go in search of these lost sheep of the House of Israel and rejoice after finding them.

Jesus, as we believe, a true prophet and beloved of God, could not neglect the duty imposed upon him by God. When he saw that the Palestinian Jews were not going to accept him, he left the country and went in search of the lost sheep, who were not of the fold of the Palestinian Jews. Historical investigations reveal to us that the people of Kashmir, India, Afghanistan and the surrounding provinces represent the ten lost tribes of Israel.

The Mission of Messiah — Blessing and Vengeance — Isaiah 61

Therefore Jesus must have gone to that part of the world. The names of number of towns and cities of Afghanistan and Kashmir are identically the same as those of ancient Syria. This constitutes one of the strongest proofs of the fact that the ancestors of the people of Afghanistan, Kashmir and the adjoining provinces came from ancient Syria, representing the lost tribes of Israel. Historical records further reveal that Jesus came to India by way of Persia and Afghanistan so that he might accomplish his supreme task of delivering his message to people of that country.

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  7. In short, Jesus came to the Punjab by way of Afghanistan and after paying visits to Benares, Nepal and Tibet, finally arrived in Kashmir and where he settled. The people of Kashmir to this day bearing a striking resemblance to the children of Israel Bani Israel.

    Part 6: The Mission of a disciple of Jesus/Yeshua the Messiah.

    Jesus was welcomed and accepted by the Jewish tribes of the diaspora among whom he became known as Yus Asaf, the Prince Prophet. Jesus spent his last years in Kashmir. He lived to the ripe old age of over years and when he died he was buried in the Khanyar Street in Srinagar, Kashmir.

    His tomb is still preserved and is a place of pilgrimage. The dead never return from their otherworldly abode. Once departed, none has ever paid a second visit to begin mixing with the living. Neither has God brought back any dwellers of the past. Those who literally wait the return of Jesus may continue to do so till eternity.

    He will never come.