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As a dancer with American Ballet Theater, Gemma Bond is the kind of corps member who can distinguish herself in solo opportunities.

Bhutanese dance for a good harvest

Much rarer for a ballerina, though, is the side career she has been developing as a choreographer. At Danspace Project from Thursday through Sunday, she presented her first evening of work.

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Far from bad, the starting three pieces were too close to bland. Like several of Ms.

Pretty is nice and not always easy. The first three pieces were more than pretty, actually, because of the dancers in them, almost all friends from Ballet Theater. There are lots of different opinions about how Hachinohe Enburi might have started, including several well-known legends. At the first New Year after his arrival, some of his drunken retainers caused a lot of commotion with a boisterous sword dance.

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A local farmer, seeing this commotion, excitedly began singing a rice-planting song, and with farm tools in hand, started dancing. This event is said to be the origin of Hachinohe Enburi. There are two types of enburi dances, Naga-enburi and Dosai-enburi , both express scenes of farm work.

The Naga-enburi dance is a graceful dance featuring slow singing and gracefully gestures. The tayu dancers wear gorgeous eboshi headdresses with bright red peonies attached to them and hold kandai hoe handles as they dance. The Dosai-enburi is a bold, lively dance with the songs and gestures using a fast tempo in contrast to the Naga-enburi.

The dancers carry sticks called jangi , which have metal fittings attached. It starts at Chojasan Shinra Jinja Shrine on the morning of the 17th, where the performers gather and pray in front of the main hall. The groups of performers then set off from the shrine on their parade to downtown Hachinohe City.

Announcing “Harvest“: A day on the Lands.

You can see different kinds of enburi during the festival including:. Gozen Enburi , formerly performed in the palace of the feudal lord, now performed in front of the town mayor at the city office on February 17th.

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Kagaribi Enburi , which is performed by the light of a bonfire at night from February