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I still miss her every day and after all of these years, I now know that loss is always felt. I know this as mother and grandmother, she didn't leave me on purpose. I am who I am because of the loving mother I had.

My daddy had died in at the age of My mother was I am now 62 years old. I do not have a role model from my parents who died so young. May the Lord bless you and feel your mom's love as you grieve. She was 88 and in great health till a slight fall changed her forever and 5 months later took her life. I am truly blessed at the age of 52 to say that Mom was my best friend. The bond we share is unbreakable even through death I grieve for her daily, to say I miss her with all my heart is an understatement.

I am so incredibly blessed to have been brought up in a Christian home by parent's who loved each other unconditionally.

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Dad is 96 and in good health, his strength keeps me going. Oh how he misses her too. I've been told how unique our relationship was by so many. My heart is so shattered and the tears flow daily.

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I just truly miss her touch, her laugh and most of all her just always being there when I needed her. MOM I?? This really touched my heart. I have been put down because there is not a day I don't break down and cry for my Mom. She passed away at the end of last May Thank you for the beautiful poem! Unless someone has lost a mother, they have no idea what a void it leaves. My beautiful 91 year old mother passed at at night in a nursing home in July of I didn't get to even hold her hand or tell her one last time how much I loved her.

I still miss her.


A good neighbor told me you never completely get over your mother's death, and that really helped me feel better. It made me see that tears are okay and thinking about her is fine too. Knowing that I will never completely get over her death helped me accept it better. I pray you find peace, and you will in time.

I was looking for a prayer to post of FB but came across this. My mother just passed away and I haven't spoken to her in a few months and gotten to tell her that I returned to school. One more day is what I am feeling right now Thank you, you put into words what I am feeling My mother died 2 months ago, but it still feels like just yesterday.

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I try to continue a way that my mother wanted for me, but it's not easy. I often feel lonely handling with the loss of my mother, like the world is closing down on me as if nothing happened. I really miss my mother's appearance very much. The thing is I don't have her in my everyday life which makes me sad. I really miss talking to her, hugging her and having her there for me in every step of the way. I miss everything that we have done together I lost my mom when I was 5 years old I am 14 now I lost my mom when I was 5 years old as well.

And I am now It's been so hard to grow up without her in my life. I'm sure you completely understand how I feel. My mother died 2 years ago she was struck by a car and died instantly. She was walking along with my brother to my house to visit me. She was my best friend and I still wake up every morning wanting to talk with her.

Even though I'm surrounded by family without her it all seems so empty. How I understand you all. On my part, I thank God for having let me live with my mother until I reached Yes I am not ashamed to say I am a year-old man who lost my year-old mother 1 month ago because of septic shock and I regret not having been able to save her because of negligent ignorance, and I was not the good caregiver I was supposed to be.

I suddenly became the year-old boy she took care of when my father died leaving her alone with 1 girl and 3 boys, and my guilt feeling will never leave me as long as I live. She was a big part of my life.

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I can't wait till I join her, the sooner the better, and live with her again. Hi Maria I lost my mum when I was only 15 years old. It has been very tough everyday and yet I have to be the strong one in my family. It didn't really hit me until I was hitting my late teens and mostly when I turned 20 and I am now 22 years old. I understand totally what you're going through.

You feel like you want that hug one more time. Whenever you're down you know that's the only hug you need and want and it makes you cry a lot. I cry a lot missing my mum a lot.

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I think crying is the best coping mechanism. Of course you will feel empty, it's only natural. I hated going on holidays without her. I didn't even have a proper 21st because she was missing I wished she was with me still and I hope that she is watching over me and is proud of me.

I know your family is around you but a mother is a mother No one can replace her! Stay strong and keep praying to give you strength. I know what you mean,it does get a little easier though. My mother has been gone 9 years now, but it still feels like just yesterday.

I try to continue on the path that my mother wanted for me, although it's not easy. I think that you feel like her death is somehow your fault because she was coming to see you, but it is not your fault. She loved you so much that even if you could go back in time and change things she would still want to see you. She is your mother and she would always want to see you, the most important thing is to make her proud.

Reading your poem and story brought tears to my eyes. But I couldn't stop the smile on my lips when I read about how your father doesn't know a thing about puberty and so on.. I also lost my mother to cancer. The biggest comfort I have about it is, that my mother didn't had any pain dying. I often feel lonely handling with the loss of my mother, like the whole world is going on as if nothing has happened.