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About A. It answered the question asked. The explanation prior to and the summary after rounded the reading out. I was honoured to have this reading done by Judy. Sandy H. Belleville October I had no specific concerns going into the reading but wondered what an Akashic Record reading was all about. The only question I could come up with was in regards to a specific relationship I have in my life. I have no idea if I want it to go anywhere or not. I felt confused by the reading regarding the idea of a past life together in the relationship in question, but the more complete answer helped confirm how I had already been feeling about the relationship so I am now more content with what is.

Receiving the reading was interesting. Judy made me feel quite comfortable during the reading just the way she always does by being herself. October I want to thank Judy for the reading she did for me. I have always had self esteem issues and now I understand a deeper reason for this problem. Judy went to a past life of mine and found the same issue. This was enlightening to say the least. Judy made me comfortable and was patient with my questions. People who have participated in this Toning have reported experiences of deep peace, love, feeling the presence of Angelic guidance and even physical healings.

This CD contains sacred chanting that was given to us by Archangel Chamuel through a process of intuiting and channeled guidance.

Part I. Overview

The harmonics are designed to lower the veil between our physical world and the Angelic Realm. This allows legions of Angels to come through to assist in supporting each person, event or space where the music is being played. The Angels have said that they are here to help and support us and this is a way that we can more effectively call on them.

For the greatest benefit, it is recommended that you play the Toning Track 3 or more times on repeat and chant along while listening to this music while tuning into your heart.