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The journey of Amohaere Tangitu is well narrated by her and Bradford Haami, starting with her own family background, her marriage and experience of losing her babies, and the challenges of being alone in a new world: living in Auckland felt quite different to living on a farm at Otakiri in the Bay of Plenty. Her family background and upbringing provided the foundation for her development and the skills and personal attributes required for her to lead and navigate social and structural change in the health sector and in specific hospitals where she was called to work.

The release of this biography is timely, as health and wider social services are now being systematically reviewed. As health and social services are reliant on the constant educating and upskilling of staff, there is also a need to independently review tertiary education institutions to identify whether programs are culturally safe and are in alignment with changes that are occurring in populations and communities. Personally, I really enjoyed reading the biography of Amohaere Tangitu as I could relate to her background. In summary, this biography is well written and documents the development of health services in Aotearoa from the s to the end of the first decade of the new millennium.

The biography would also provide a great basis for a film of a remarkable woman whose shoulders many of us stand on today. These books provide 30 minute a day activities that are achievable and interactional. Professor Scotty Morrison and Stacey Morrison are both prominent television and radio presenters who have built impressive careers in the media spanning more than two decades.

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These strategies can be seen throughout the books Professor Morrison has written. In particular, Lesson One that focuses on pronunciation which most Te Reo learners experience as one of the biggest initial barriers is incredibly useful, practical and left me feeling fulfilled. All 3 books provide easy to grasp activities that build your confidence and leave you feeling rewarded. This book is an absolute gem! It is about feeling lonely, but also building confidence to initiate friendships. The story is told through the eyes of Jerry, who is quiet and shy. My son is one of the quiet kids in his class and this story is a beautiful representation of what he sometimes feels.

We are shown how acts of kindness can have a real flow-on effect. The book helps reinforce to kids that there is room for everyone to be themselves and that kindness is a powerful and positive trait to have. Smith argues for more research into bullying, so awareness can bring change. The most effective programmes and evidence-based, international interventions are outlined briefly.

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  7. Research is making a difference, through improved understanding and knowledge. The Psychology of School Bullying may be of most interest to researchers, school professionals and parents with degrees. The link to violence seems unresolved.

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    For me, bullying is an intentional use of violence. That is, making a choice to force our will onto someone else in a way that uses physical, psychological or spiritual power. The book seems useful if it prompts us to question our values and our relationship to Te Tiriti o Waitangi. How safe are our schools and our institutions? This publication could provide a timely read in the light of recent revelations of bullying and harassment in our NZ Parliament, which took place in our supposed exemplar of institutional role modelling of values.

    It discusses how anxiety is affected by the body, mood, and behaviour and highlights the importance of understanding how you think, so you can change how you feel. Knowing looks into the cognitive psychological approach, and gives a basic overview of how to use the theories in practice.

    The language and illustrations actively drew me in, as did facts behind what was easily linked to personal experiences with anxiety. Knowing was an easy read that required no prior knowledge of psychology.

    Structured self-help generally turns me away from a book, however with Knowing , I found myself using the techniques and realising that they did work for me. Self-help strategies and their success differ from person to person, however Knowing acknowledged this, and gave many different ways to combat overthinking and anxiety. Knowing focuses on the ways the mind works in everyday life, and why it works in that way. The lack of being told that affirmations are the one true solution was refreshing.

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    This book does contain some coarse language, so I would recommend that people under 13 years should not read it. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in how their brains work.

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    Knowing is a short read that is easy to digest either in one go, or with breaks in between, and once read, should be picked up and looked through often. The New Zealand author Maria Robins, had us feeling calm just from reading the title! While I read, my daughter was engrossed in the images. I am ok In the great scheme of the worried world, this book normalises and validates these feelings for children and for us as their parents! Reviewed by Anna Mowat, who works predominantly as part of the All Right?

    She also delivers Incredible Years parenting courses for the Ministry of Education and is currently working on a Cure Kids research project to create support for parents whose children have emotional regulation issues.

    Firstly, procrastination. Deciding to wait allows time to try other things instead, and for other feelings and thoughts to develop. Secondly, killing yourself. Wanting to kill yourself, he argues, is a near-universal human experience. Letting go of self-judgement for having these thoughts, he suggests, is a helpful step towards moving forward. The book is a short but deep reflection on what it can be like to feel suicidal, and to find a way through these experiences.

    This beautifully written book by Ngahuia Murphy is for all woman of Aotearoa, New Zealand living in the new millennium.

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    You may wonder what this cultural book on menstruation can teach you that you have not already experienced. I was nine years old when I had my first menstrual period and as an adult endured painful and heavy menstruation. Every month I dreaded and regretted my mate the name given by my aunties. In my later years I went to a specialist for treatment to reduce the pain and discomfort. I took contraception on and off for several years as it prevented pregnancy and stopped my monthly menstrual period.

    Reading Waiwhero and learning the traditional Maori teachings of menstruation has been life changing. I know that I would have made different life choices if I knew these teachings of our tupuna.

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    It provided me with a better understanding of woman settlers and their struggles in a male-dominant society and how this continues to impact the woman we are today. I felt a sadness that I was not taught the traditional teachings by my own aunties and kuia and am left pondering whether my English ancestor influenced the teachings that were passed down to me by my aunties. I am grateful that I am aware of these teachings and can pass them on to my mokopuna. It has given me a deeper understanding of who I am, allowing me to celebrate my tupuna, my body and my wairua in a way, that no medical specialist could prescribe.

    Gallagher, B. London, U. It uses easy to understand, informative language, diagrams, and the occasional illustration. Most of the chapters are broken into smaller paragraphs, and step by step guides are clearly labelled. The clear format works perfectly for my logical brain. The book itself is a collection of explanations and tips for living with anxiety. One important aspect the book discussed was asking for more help.

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    It did not only say that you should do so, but it gave you ideas of how you can, which I think is a really important approach. At first the simple language irked me, and it might irk some other people, but as I kept reading I realised it was part of the charm. It also means people of all ages will find it easy to understand. My only other pet peeve was the way they reference other chapters in the book quite frequently. Overall I believe this was a very good book.

    I would recommend this book for teens who want a chill, simple book to provide them with tools to deal with their anxiety. It is written with 12—year-old readers in mind; however it is a great introduction for anyone who is interested in the topic. The authors are a trio, two health professionals and a young person who has experience of anxiety.